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Love Zoe Rain
Helping Zoe Bernstein Through Her Recovery

Love Zoe Rain Blog

by Chuck J. on 04/04/12

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Comments (81)

1. 2Step said on 4/6/12 - 10:23AM
Love you Zoe :)
2. Bob Skaff said on 4/6/12 - 06:04PM
Zoe...Keep fighting little angel. You've just replaced Snoopy as my new hero. Love you ,Bob
3. Nancy Wilkens said on 4/7/12 - 08:08AM
Thanks for setting up this site! <3 Thinking of Zoe, Kelsie, and the rest of their family daily.
4. Sharon and Mia said on 4/7/12 - 08:28AM
Zoe Rain is an amazing little girl. She is definatly blessed with great familly and freinds. Praying for her..
5. Shawnta Fleming said on 4/7/12 - 01:41PM
Kelsie, Zoe and family, I am hoping and praying, thinking about you everyday. Stay strong and keep fighting little angel...
6. Don Clark said on 4/7/12 - 02:07PM
Our thoughts and Prayers are with You and you Family. Happy Easter.
7. karen hale said on 4/7/12 - 02:44PM
LOve and hugs to all of you. Zoe is strong and is very present now. I continue to pray for her complete healing in this journey.
8. Steve Burgess said on 4/7/12 - 05:51PM
Many people love you Zoe, and are pulling for you - even people you've never met, but who love you through your granddad Chuck. Hang in there, liottle one and get well soon!
9. Aaron Via said on 4/7/12 - 07:55PM
Dear Lord, I pray that you will heal Zoe of her injuries and that she will make a full recovery and be able to live a full and normal life. I pray that you will grant strength, comfort and understanding to Kelsie during this time. I also pray that you will provide for their finances to pay for the procedures that must be done to ensure Zoe's recovery. I ask these things in Jesus' name, Amen. Matthew 18:19-20 "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them."
10. Friar and lynn StJohn said on 4/8/12 - 12:17PM
We are joining in and sending you a lot of love, and prayers for a full recovery. Hang in there Zoe, we now need you to be a miracle for those that know and love you so much. we will continue to pray for you each and everyday until we hear you are getting along and recovering fine. Sending good thoughts to you and family.
11. Jill Clark-Strenke said on 4/8/12 - 12:53PM
Many thoughts & prayers are with you & your family during this time! Hang in there little one, you have many, many people thinking of you! Much love from Hayward, WI!! <3<3 =)
12. Stewart Utter said on 4/9/12 - 07:09PM
May God just wipe this all away for you little one.
13. Julie Langhans said on 4/10/12 - 06:21AM
I am holding you in my heart, dear Zoe...a granddaughter is a precious gift and I know that the Lord is with you and will take care of you. I am a friend of your grandmother Jackie's and my prayers and love are with you and your entire family. Julie Langhans
14. Alicia Veytia-McCauley said on 4/10/12 - 08:56AM
My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family- Hang in there little angel stay strong!
15. Masoud Emamy said on 4/11/12 - 05:34AM
My heart goes for Zoe and her family. I certainly have her in my daily patayer. We all hope and pray for God to speed up her recovery and give her family enough strength to go through this difficualt times.
16. Erica, Jay, Chloe and Callie said on 4/11/12 - 05:41AM
You are an amazing little girl Zoe. We love you and pray for your recovery everyday. We can't wait for more fun adventures with you baby girl. Hugs and kisses.
17. Sara Yousefi said on 4/11/12 - 09:11AM
My heart goes for Zoe and her family. She's in my daily prayer, hang in there little angle.
18. Gabriel Juarez said on 4/11/12 - 09:58AM
Zoe, our thoughts and prayers are with you and wish you a speedy and full recovery. You are blessed with youth, love, support and hope. God Bless you.
19. Andrea said on 4/11/12 - 04:18PM
My heart goes out to your family. What a beautiful little girl. I will be thinking of her and pray she makes a full and quick recovery.
20. Patti Powers said on 4/12/12 - 09:33PM
Zoe, you're getting prayers and good wishes all the way from Colorado. Get better soon sweetie.
21. Jeanne Hauser said on 4/13/12 - 07:13AM
Zoe, Wishing you a speedy recovery. Lots of thoughts and prayers are going out to you and your family. Grandmom Jackie has so many hugs for you from her co-workers at DJO. Get well soon!
22. Tom Osowski said on 4/13/12 - 09:11AM
Kelsie, Zoe and Family. My thoughts and prayers have been with you daily. You have some real strength within you and I pray that your recovery is rapid and complete. Lord please give this family extra blessings and be with all the doctors and nurses that are helping Your little Angel.
23. Crystal Halatsis-McGugin said on 4/13/12 - 11:39AM
George, I'm so relieved to hear the exciting news that Zoe is out of coma and has full movement. I hope her condition continues to improve. I look forward to talking to you soon and hearing more good news.
24. Joan and Ron Brent said on 4/14/12 - 02:09AM
To Bob and Jackie, Kelsie, Zoe, Ivy and all your family. We are writing from Canada and sending all our hopes and love to you. You are in our thoughts every day. Love from Joan, Ron and family...
25. Annie Laurie said on 4/15/12 - 09:02PM
I'm praying for you Zoe and your family. May your recovery be perfect in it's divine timing. Sending you lots of healing love energy xoxoxo
26. The Brokers Band said on 4/16/12 - 07:09AM
We love you Zoe, and we're here for you. Kelsie has always been part of our Sunday family!!
27. Persia said on 4/16/12 - 07:22AM
Oh beautiful Zoe, my heart opens to you and your healing. Sending love and prayers to you and your loved ones. Be Well Beautiful Child!
28. Chuck J. said on 4/16/12 - 08:11PM
I am so so so so proud of you Zoe.
29. Andy and Meg Pulido said on 4/17/12 - 12:36PM
Zoe, our thoughts and prayers are for you and your family...Get Well.
30. Lisa alvarez said on 4/19/12 - 08:58PM
zoe I want you to know we are all praying for you, God has you in his hands babygirl! And no one better than him! On behalf of myself(aunty Lisa) grandma,papa,and the rest of your family in Modesto... GET WELL SOON AND WE ALL LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!
31. Lee Anne Davis said on 4/20/12 - 05:34AM
you are in our thoughts and prayers Zoe! wishing you strength, peace and love during your healing process.
32. Mona Miner said on 4/20/12 - 04:54PM
You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts every single day. happy birthday Zoe!
33. Michelle said on 4/22/12 - 07:07PM
Lots Of Love & Prayers For You Sweetie! You Are A Strong Beautiful Princess & I Believe You Will Pull Through This Honey! Xoxo
34. Laine said on 7/8/12 - 04:54PM
I remember when my little one suffered an accident. As a mom, it seemed as if the world was crashing down. So to the family and friends of Zoe, and most importantly to Zoe herself- hang in there. It may get hard, but don't ever give up. The end result will be more than worth it.
35. Carol F said on 7/8/12 - 05:24PM
The Lord is our healer and our way to heaven. Zoe I pray for you to ask Jesus to be your Lord and savior. This I ask in Jesus name.Your an amazing young lady and you will completely heal when you ask Jesus for the miracle. God bless you and your family. Your friend Carol
36. Karen and Ed Phillipp & Family said on 7/8/12 - 05:29PM
Zoe, we read your story and hope our small donation will help your recovery. Keep the chin up, work hard and listen to your mommy. God Bless You! Mr. and Mrs. Phillipp Elizabeth, Meghan, Kimberly and Patrick and our dog, Rocket the black lab
37. Cheryl R said on 7/8/12 - 05:35PM
Zoe I hope you keep getting stronger every day. Pretty soon you will have "Super Powers" from becoming SO strong! Hugs....Hugs and more Hugs to you and your family.
38. Kaallie said on 7/8/12 - 06:29PM
God bless you Zoe and your are in my prayers....
39. Thai said on 7/8/12 - 06:33PM
Life's not always going to be easy, and there will be days when you feel like giving up, but just keep your head up. Remember that tomorrow is another day and it can always get better.
40. Paul / Tucson said on 7/8/12 - 06:34PM
Never Give Up !! Go ZOE !!
41. gayle nerie said on 7/8/12 - 06:37PM
God Bless you and your family will be praying for you that you will make full recovery
42. Ashley said on 7/8/12 - 06:51PM
To Zoe and family, stay strong! Keep your spirits up and your goals in sight! Nothing is impossible. Bless you from Pennsylvania!
43. Susan said on 7/8/12 - 06:59PM
Hi Zoe. Play, sing, and dance a lot as you are a great help to many people now. You are definetly very special. Always remember that your best friend is JESUS. He is the best of all friends because you can talk to him anytime. May God continue to bless you abundantely!
44. Cameo said on 7/8/12 - 07:10PM
My thoughts and prayers are with your daughter, for getting better. I wish the best for her and her family. <3
45. Aaron said on 7/8/12 - 08:13PM
Dear Zoe, When my son was your age he spent some time in a children's hospital for a health problem he had. Now he's grown up and very healthy. I'm very glad you and your sister and your dad are OK, and I'm very happy that you're feeling so much better. Have fun with your family this summer! Love, Aaron
46. Linda said on 7/8/12 - 08:14PM
Be strong Zoe. You are a special little angel.
47. Daisy said on 7/8/12 - 08:17PM
Hi, I just read your story on AOL and came to your website via a link. I don't know your family, but wanted to wish you the best. When I was 21, I had a brain injury to the brain stem. I also had to relearn to walk, talk, swallow, etc etc. The doctors didn't think I'd even be able to move again, but I did. Zoe's injury sounds very similar and I had to comment and tell you that I've totally been there. The therapy [physical, speech, occupational, respitory, recreational, vocational....] was the hardest thing I've ever done. Hang in there, sweetie! Hugs to the whole family.
48. Giacomo C said on 7/8/12 - 08:36PM
Dear Zoe and family - you WILL get better. Feeling like a different person is normal, but eventually you become yourself again. It happened to me when I was 16. Don't try to remember who or what you were, concentrate on who or what you want to be, and there is no shame in having changed, because you'll always end up where you're supposed to be. Love your family, and embrace your second chance at life. Best of luck.
49. Natasha said on 7/8/12 - 11:58PM
Dear Zoe and family my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I wish you a speedy recovery. Much love Natasha
50. Karen Gregoryk said on 7/8/12 - 11:59PM
Zoe is amazing. God bless your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
51. robert a. giordano said on 7/9/12 - 12:14AM
to little zoe i want to wish a happy life with your little sister and mother and i am sorry what you went through i wouldn't go through it my i had cerbal palsey myself but i only had a mild case of it so i did pretty well for myself but i just had it a whole lot tougher then what you went thought with your injury so may god be with you love robert a. giordano of brooklyn, ny
52. John said on 7/9/12 - 12:23AM
Welcome back to life Zoe! May God Bless you and hold you in the palm of His Hand!
53. Renee said on 7/9/12 - 12:27AM
I have a grand daughter to be born November 4th. Her name will be Zoe Grace. I pray for Zoe Rain's recovery to be swift and complete, and that God's mighty hand will uphold you all during this miraculous trial. I thank God for your girls survival and that you will be able to experience a lifetime of love and blessings. My heart cries with joy that Zoe and Ivy got another chance of life.
54. Mike said on 7/9/12 - 01:08AM
Keep Fighting Zoe, all of America is wishing the best for you!
55. louis said on 7/9/12 - 01:26AM
when i saw what happen to zoe,i was moved with compassion and i just wanted to let her know that she is loved by giving a donation.
56. Susie said on 7/9/12 - 01:58AM
This story is far from over. Zoe will grow up to see the beauty of the love and compassion God put in the heart of the many people that reach out to help, instead of the cynical, selfish few that like to spread thier unhappiness on the internet. Zoe will grow up to do great things, she is a special little girl. She, and her family will continue to be in my prayers. God bless.
57. Shonta-Philadelphia said on 7/9/12 - 02:18AM
Dear Zoe and family- Im happy to hear that she is doing extremely well. My heart goes out to you and your family. I work in the MICU as an RN but with adults and I truly understand the struggle families face. I want to encourage mom to keep on doing what comes natural. Hold fast to your faith, know that you are so blessed and smile each day because its worth every breath. Blessings to your mom and your other daughter too. Be well and God bless- Shonta
58. Marie said on 7/9/12 - 02:21AM ... Brain based program. I might change her life. Wish you a fast recovery!
59. Stevie said on 7/9/12 - 02:35AM
Zoe & Family - I just read your article on AOL. You are such a strong little girl. Your more then a miracle and your going to do something extremely special in your life honey! So happy to hear you are doing better, keep fighting you warrior!
60. Jennifer said on 7/9/12 - 02:47AM
Nine years ago I had an accident at work that resulted in a TBI (among other injuries.) While I did not require the medical attention Zoe has had, I suffered memory loss, debilitating migranes and a seizure disorder. BUT, over time with effort on my part and loving support from those around me, I have healed significantly. I am now seizure free and working again. I want to reach out to Zoe's mom and family... in that Zoe will probably not remember the "old" person she was. I know I have pictures and "memories" but I feel I have lost the old me... and am now a different me. So, with time, patience and fun challenges ahead, along with tons of prayers from people who will never meet you.. know that Zoe will continue to grow and become whatever she wants to be! Just watch out for the emotional swings! They don't make much sense to me, even now. God bless.
61. Darrin & Asa said on 7/9/12 - 02:53AM
We see magical things ahead for you Zoe and your wonderful Mom, and wish you all happiness and joy. We hope our donation, and those of others makes the next part of your journey a bit easier.
62. Annonymous said on 7/9/12 - 02:55AM
I just saw this story on the aol homepage when I was going to check my e-mail. It is so hard to even imagine what it must be like to go through all of this. I'll be praying for you and your family. I know I can't do much but God can do more than we can imagine. I have a relative with high functioning autism and ADD, and I know there's challenges for everyone to overcome, but I know you can. Hang in there Zoe.
63. Sharen Dowdy said on 7/9/12 - 02:57AM
I pray that Zoe will make a full recovery. Paying it forward.
64. Elizabeth said on 7/9/12 - 03:04AM
Zoe and Family, God Bless you! Please know that we are praying for you and your safe recovery. Things will get better, just keep smiling and loving life-we all love you!
65. Sarah said on 7/9/12 - 03:11AM
Zoe Rain is such a strong little girl!Keep on fighting and trying your hardest because you are a miracle! I'll be praying for you and your family! Keep on smiling andbeing positive! Xoxoxo
66. Jim said on 7/9/12 - 03:13AM
This little girl is special.
67. Rita Eissmann said on 7/9/12 - 04:39AM
My thoughts and prayers go out to this sweet little girl. Please, please, contact The Irlen Institute to help with her recovery. As a mother of a child with Scotopic Sensory Syndrome, I know the importance of the colored filters - especially in instances of brain injuries and ADD/ADHD. This will truly help her brain heal!
68. Maria Navarro said on 7/9/12 - 05:44AM
Zoe my prayers are with you and your family, I am still recovering from my brain injury and I know you will 100%, is a hard road but with love, patience, and prayers you will recover hugs and kisses sweet angel
69. janet said on 7/9/12 - 05:55AM
i recently had a stroke and am learning to do things with my kleft side we will learn and pray togetherpray for me, is a kiss to place on your forehead.
70. Geralyn_D said on 7/9/12 - 06:22AM
Make sure to add foods which feed healthy brain tissue and electrical activity Equal amounts of organic coconut oil and organic grassfed butter, it is helping most of the brain dis-eases out there surely will help the formative brain to heal as well... worth a try Mommy...
71. k said on 7/9/12 - 07:09AM
I send prayers to your entire family. When I was 7 years old I was hit by a car, the drs told my parents I would not make it through the nightI did,(I was in a coma in ICU) when I came out ofthe coma the drs the told them I would never walk or talk again, several weeks later I spoke my "first word" The drs again told my parents I would not speak full sentences or walk, several months later with rehab, I was walking with a walker and eventually on my own. The drs said I would never have children because I had fractured my hips and caused damage internally. I am now 30 years old, I have graduated college and have a beautiful young daughter. Please know that God works miracles and I am living proof. I pray for the same outcome for your princess Zoe.
72. KM said on 7/9/12 - 07:18AM
Zoe is a remarkably strong and amazing little girl. I hope she does well in school and continues to thrive in all her new challenges. She's very special, indeed.
73. JAY said on 7/9/12 - 07:58AM
I am from India and my grand mother always recommended saffron and turmeric as the best spices that help for the development and quick heeling of brain injuries. Saffron dissolved in warm milk with some turmeric and cardamom added for taste. Try it it will help in fast recovery.
74. Caroline said on 7/9/12 - 08:17AM
My prayers are with you and your some point you may want to try NeuroFeedback, a treatment that repairs pathways in the brain after emotional and physical trauma, I am sure there is someone in your area who does it....Love and Light, Caroline
75. Millie said on 7/9/12 - 09:12AM
I am praying for this family and hope more people will help if they can. I made a small donation of $20.00, but it all adds up! God Bless you all.
76. sue said on 7/9/12 - 10:04AM
contact me. My daughter too was in a coma at age 5 for 31 days. she also awaoke needing both physical and occupational thearpy, took a bottle, wore diapers etc. and yes, lost many memories of her past, and exremem personality changes.
77. Rita McNally said on 7/9/12 - 10:53AM
I too had a son in auto accident. He was comatose for 5 1/2 months. He too had to learn everything all over, including speech. he was 18 yrs old. He even had to learn to hold his breath in the pool. Recovery is ongoing so don't give up hope. He has spent a long time recovering (20 yrs). He speaks fine, memory is great, drives a car , works and is independent, living on his own . I know the suffering you are going through, and you have our prayers. It does get better and better with that ugly word "time". You are blessed to have her alive. Rita
78. Linda Regina said on 7/9/12 - 01:44PM
Hi Zoe, you are a sweetie!!!!!! Now, I hurt my head one month ago too!! And i know it's a pain, but just know alot of people are helping you. I have a nice person to help me,,,,My person is my daughter, he name is Angel. So we sent u Angel's, and LOVE.....thank you, u made me smile.
79. charles clifton said on 7/9/12 - 01:46PM
I pray for the child and the parents. I grew up with many troubled kids myself included, foster home and a boys ranch (20 children) many through no fault of their own. My point to the parents is this if Zoe does not come back to her old self and has trouble with life (she looks so sweet in the pictures) never ever let the words pass your lips "I wish I had my little girl back" in any form or to anyone, words travel no matter the distance, smiles and true love can heal so many things, again I will pray for your broken hearts and a full recovery for Zoe, God Bless
80. Diane said on 8/5/12 - 05:38AM
Dear Zoe, You are blessed by God. You never know what challenges He will put in your path. This is a big one, for you and for your family. I am praying for your full recovery and for the emotional comfort of your family. May God bless you and keep you in all thy ways. You are an inspiration to all.
81. Bob said on 8/30/12 - 11:30AM
My son suffered a serious head injury two years ago. It took awhile, but he is back pretty much where he was before the accident. Never give up-and this goes to Zoe and family. Healing takes time, but it takes patience and determination to strive onward by all.Personalities from before may be hidden, but it's still there. Hopefully, you'll see "flashes" come and go, and hopefully come all the way back. All of you are in my prayers.

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