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Help Zoe Rain Through This Critical Time Of Healing
Zoe Rain Bernstein was in a car accident with her sister Ivy and her dad on on Sunday March 25th, 2012. It was on rain soaked roads in La Costa, CA on the way to drop off the kids with Kelsie, their mother.  Zoe's dad and younger sister Ivy, sustained injuries and are recovering outside of the hospital.... Zoe Rain is not, she is expected to be in the PICU at  Rady's Childrens Hospital  for up to six months.

Zoe Rain suffered severe head trauma in the accident and is still in a coma like state, she has 2 skull fractures and bruising of her brain. Doctors won't know the extent of the damage until she is more awake and the brain swelling has gone down. The light coma is induced to reduce brain activity, and allow the brain a better possibility to heal. Zoe is expected to be in this condition for 6-8 weeks, or longer.  After that it will be 3 months in another wing of the hospital for recovery therapy. Her mother, father, friends and family pray for miracles and hopes she can 'wake' up sooner, and eventually have a full recovery.

Doctors give Zoe a 75% chance of recovery.  With brain injuries like this one, recovery means slowly recovering over 6-12 months, often times requiring therapy to re-learn the basics of eating, dressing and playing until your brain gets back in gear.  As you can imagine, the expense is already enormous, with ICU and its 1-2 full time nurses for a month, then 3 months of in-patient therapy.

Zoe is your normal, everyday, incredible and amazing little girl, almost six years old, and this could happen to any of us. Please pray for her, share this, and if you would like to do more, we have set up an account at Wells Fargo Bank in her name, Zoe Bernstein, we also have a PayPal account set up for all of our non local friends and family.  Please click here to go the donate page.

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Special Note:  Thank you everyone for your wonderful emails and support after AOL.com and San Diego Channel 10 picked  up our story.  We will try to email you all back, but for now please accept our very sincere THANK YOU!